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Custom Thumbnail Previews

Not sure if this is the right forum but, i would like to know if there is a way to set custom thumbnail previews for movies? maybe even be able to use .gif files as the preview? also for movie files that can't be played by windows media player, i use videolan, but files that use videolan don't show a thumbnail preview, i just get a videolan icon. does anyone know if theres a feature in videolan that supports thumbnail previews?

edit: it seems like only my .avi files are getting thumbnail previews
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Been spending ages trying to work out the Vista thumbnails.

I believe by design for movies it is supposed to pick a "bright frame" and it does so correctly for mpeg files and wmv (I think not checked the latter to be honest) and was initially doing it for avi files.

More recently since installing divx (where thumbnails where properly generated) installing Nero, (breaking this thumbnail generation method) unregistering its filter, reinstalling divx to no avail, trying xvid ffdshow - back to divx --nothing.

Basically my avi files are only showing the first frame which sucks as generally they are black frames... how do I restore this bright frames feature to avi files?

Some solutions seem to involve SHMEDIA.DLL but this is a WindowsXP file right? I can't find it in Vista.
im still using xp, and yea, all my .avi files are using the first frame which, like you said, is usually a black box. so deleting the shmedia.dll file "might" make xp use a bright frame? i don't really want to do this, since i don't like messing with files like that. but even then my .avi's (all other media extensions use their program's icon) always been a black box with .avi files. so there isn't a program or anything that lets you choose a frame for the icon? and since you brought up vista, does vista have a feature like this?


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re-registering won't help. as you said, xp generates thumbnails by grabbing and resizing the first frame, nothing can really be done about it other than using vista (eww) or linux.

in media center you can take your own screenshots and name them the same as the videos. when viewing in the media center app you will get nice useful thumbnails.
aww so nothing can be done in xp? only in media center do they support custom thumbnails? no 3rd party applications help with this?

and thanks for the answers

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