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CSS Coding not displaying properly


Hey all,
I need a little help with my website. I’m very new to using CSS to create my website and I ran into a little problem.

If you look at the picture I have attached, you will see that the bottom div where I inserted “|| Seattle University || Albers School Of Business || 900 Broadway, Seattle, WA, 98122-4340 ||” shows up in the middle of the page.

This only happens when I first click on the link to the page and when the page is longer the the height of the screen. Once I refresh the page it shows up perfectly fine (as seen in the picture below)

to create this page, I created a main wrapper div to enclose everything including the bottom div. Then within that div, I created one div for the main content area and the bottom div.

this is the css coding I used for the bottom div

#bottom {
	position: relative;
	top: 20px;
	clear: both;
    text-align : center;
I am using windows explorer at the moment to view the page.

You can visit the page at It happens on the main index page and the marketing committee page so far.

thanks for any help


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It is rendering fine here with Firefox, and Opera, are you checking with IE?

IE has horrible CSS2 support.


It worked in IE? well I am currently using IE and it shows up as it is seen in the images I have posted. It is most important that it works in IE because most of my traffic will be from students who use school computers which use IE (did that make sense?). Can anyone else confirm that it works?

also you might have to click on the Marketing link now since i shortened the entry for hte index page. Click it once and scroll down to check.
a friend of mine has done a site which has a CSS coloured block with some text in that block, MSIE wont display the text in that block until you have used the mouse to highlight the text


Speedy, are you looking at it with a mac? the bottom corners are not present, but thats not to important. are the menus up top?

yah that happened to me to with this thing at one point. It would not go to hte bottom of the page until i highlighted it.
You really should use floats when you do webpages with CSS. You can find more info about floats with Google.

And I also think that's a render bug. One reason why position-setting is bad.

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