CSS Based Emails using G-mail


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Well... My best advice would be to either do the styling in Word or similar, and hope that all the formatting is kept when pasting it over in Gmail, or you could do the styling in Word, paste it over in an email written in Outlook (set up using a gmail account), and then send it to yourself, to later on in the web-based Gmail, remove the unnecessary text (sender info, etc.), and you should be there.


Oh, now I know...!
AFAIK, you can't edit the codes in Gmail. Maybe there's some sort of GreaseMonkey script that'll allow you to do so, but I'm not sure.


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I came up with a solution finally, I use office to do a 3 row table, change the fonts and also do the background colors on office. Copy and Paste this to gmail, then on the top row I go to a web page where my image is being hosted then drag my mouse over to select the image then copy and paste it to gmail onto the top row. This will embed the image to gmail. Then just sent the email. It will come out looking very nice, if the other person trusts you and chooses to display images for you.

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Actually got a even easier way. Just create a simple html code using tables, you can do background images to the tables. Then upload it to your server. Then just go to the page and select all, and paste it to gmail or yahoo email. It should come out just like the page.

Both ways work fine.
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Oh, now I know...!
Ah ok, thanks for that :) I guess the copy/paste idea wasn't too shabby then, just not the right idea about using it, lol.

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