CS: Source/Source Engine Benchmarks

If anyone's playing it, could you post some benches? Here's some benches that are turning into all-out flamewars from other sites. But flamewars don't happen here, right? I'll post more as I find them.

DriverHeaven.net (Actual Source Engine benchmark testing all features of the source engine)
Full line of Nvidia high-end cards bench
VR Zone (You'll have to look at the bottom benchmark, because all the CS benchies are capped around 75FPS)

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Wait until the official 65.xx ;)
Also they are just the Ultra, but running different speeds and different clocks.

65.62 is not only unofficial but also made up of 61.77 files to make up for those that were missing, a few weeks ago I learned that NVIDIA where using 65.8x so I don't know how much further they have progressed since then...


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source engine is running optimized for both pieces of architecture (before we get an nv v/s ati battle raging in here :D )

for the gf FX series I believe the benchmark turns off a coupla features and for hl2 it is likely to run the game in stock dx8 mode...

the higher end cards (nv40,r420) are able to run the benchmark w/o incident with a performance delta topping out @ around 15% or so @ the highest res with the highest LOD... but again the frame-rates are flying on both pieces of silicon...

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