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CS Source released and playable


The Donger Need Food!!!!
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Well I waited til 7 pacific time for cs source to be released (9 o clock my time) and it was so worth it...the graphics, the physics, the models, everything is absolutely amazing. it is so worth the time and effort they put into it and really amazing...I have never seen gameplay like that and (check my sig) my fps were at 105.

the only and I mean only two downers about it are that you only play dust which is great and you only get one player model for each side

other than that is so worth it to play and when it comes out officially I will be first in line to buy it

Electronic Punk

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Yeah, got up at 6am to give it a quick blast as there were gonna be no signs of it at the time I decided to go to bed.

Ack 60 meg update! Started it and went back to bed, had enough time for a quick play before work. I will beable to play in about 8 hours when I finish work :p


I'm sorry Hal...
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Had a quick go on it just now (after downloading , seemingling two, large updates)
I had to say the graphics weren't that impressive to me :eek: the textures and models looked better in CS:CZ to me. The animation and the lighting effects (muzzle flash, grenades etc) and everythign else was great, fantasic, although the menu and inscreen icons could do with some work

Also i found the gameplay to be quite different, how things moved, fired etc was diffferent. which is to be expected i suppose, just take some getting used to

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