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hey i just picked this game up today. I was wondering if any has any tip guides or somthing to help me get better. Help is appreciated.


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There should be profile slots on the right side that you can save your last used loadout to. Then just hit the key for that in the buy menu (dont remember what keys those are)


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It's funny that this thread was started, cause I stoped playing CS for about a year or more. Just this past weekend I decided to play again, and suck.

I was like, I know the tricks and skills I used to have, but just can't do it anymore. I guess its just going to take a little bit to get back in the game.

CS:S is so different now, I stoped playing when S just came out and I was still playing 1.6


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Was playing yesterday with mister Electronic Punk himself (I think the 2'nd or 3'rd time we've done that this year right?).

Good times. We won, it's all I remember :D

I think I've played with Roadhog a few times.

I really think we need to get together and play on a server or two here or there. :)


F@H - Is it in you?
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My skillz are weak coz I've been playing so much TDU :D

Crap of Duty didn't help either :)

But, getting better. Last night I got back into the top 10 or 20 on 3 different servers I was a regular on (and have been no.1 on at various times) :smoker:

Roadhog... bring it you midget munkeh !!!


Woah.. I'm still here?
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steevo: i'd be right there with you getting my butt spanked hard..

hmm... I suppose that would make my buttocks tingle as well...


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I miss playing CS:S and Condition Zero. I used to play on a clan in the first or second season of CZL which later merged into the CPL, and we did take 2nd in the midwest but I just couldn't play anymore.

Too many youngsters using racist terms and too many people getting accused of cheating because of a total lack of anti cheat protection.

Also I like the real world a little too much to keep playing as much as I did :)

if osnn guys started playing more I think I would probably start again.

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