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Ok, i'm almost positive this has been posted b4 earlier, but i went quite a ways back in the gaming forum (15? maybe not all the far back) and found nothing (I have XP pro, in case that helps).

The common slow, and sticky mouse, when i move it a little, nothing happens, when i move it a little faster, alot happens and i can't stand this. I've searched many places for a solution, and nothing at all has worked. The "-noforcemparms -noforcemaccel" doesn't work (Although it seems to help for alot of people cause on many websites this is where the support ends). The rest of what's on "http://www.xp-erience.org/sections.php?op=viewarticle&artid=141" doesn't work. I even did this thing in the registry some the hex code, and nothing (I probably did it wrong).

Basically, i'm quite frustrated, and nothing is working, now i'm sure someone out there has to know what to do.

Thank you,
Dan L.
I got a fix

This has been discussed many times. I think..... Use the compatiblility tab. Put it to win98/me and that will fix the mouse problems. I had the same problems
If you have the Powertoys installed, remove them, that cures many cases of this weird error.
i'm an idiot

i should have put some system specs and what i have installed. nope, don't have powertoys:(
Liquid Chrome, this is something of a standard reply for the sake of anyone else trying to fix it, so excuse any you have already tried. If you think you got the registry stuff wrong, try my attachment instead (courtesy of unknown forum member).

A lot of people seem convinced it is a graphics problem. A few think it is a sound problem...
Most think it is caused by XP's new mouse acceleration (all new since Win2k/Me). It definately seems to be related to lag in NT caused by more layers of software (common) or the mouse buffer overflowing/underrunning.

I've tried quite a few things, none seemed to really help. But some of these fixes going around have helped for other people.
The new version of Half-life/counter-strike will probably fix this...due in a few weeks as one of the features are "better XP support".

I *MIGHT* have fixed it with this one - I haven't extensively tested it yet:

I'm currently lauching the game with these options:
hl.exe -console -game cstrike -noipx -noforcemparms -noforcemaccel +voice_dsound 1 +cl_showfps 1

Also (the one that I think might have actually worked) I disabled XP's mouse acceleration completely with the attached .reg file. This also kinda screwed up the mouse feel for XP so see the attached screenshot for some settings that make it similar to before. (note that playing around with the mouse settings again can reverse the registry settings so get HL/CS right FIRST).

Also check out the guide on this site for some possible solutions.

Others I have heard of are:
  • setting opengl and desktop colour depth to 16-bit
  • disabling/enabling vsync (note this is seperate on D3D/OpenGL)
  • setting refresh rate to 60hz
  • Try OpenGL instead of Direct3D or vice-versa. (note that opengl in half-life is faster on most cards)
Agreed, Liquid ... definitely an isolated case. "-noforcemparms -noforcemaccel" should fix the problem for 99% of the people. The only other things I can recommend are grabbing the very latest XP drivers for your mouse (I've heard folks say this helps with Logitech mice, and possibly MS pointing devices as well). If you really get desparate and you have a dual-connector mouse, you can try connecting using PS/2 instead of USB, or vice-versa.

If you're trying to set these switches in the Steam beta version of Half-Life, remember that you have to enclose all of your shortcut command-line switches in quotes.
nothing yet

Well, I'd like to thank everybody that has tried to find a solution. Nothing has worked though, I turned off the mouse filter, and it has made it playable, but not like before.
Run C:\WINDOWS\system32\dxdiag.exe

Click sound tab
Slide the tab on the bottom left all the way to the left so sound accel is off.
well actually it is not really an isolated case at all.
Many people are still experiencing problems, myself
included (maybe).

If by the odd chance turning sound acceleration off works,
you should then increase it in increments to ensure you
have the maximum amount of acceleration without any
I had the same problem and it was something in powertoys. When I uninstalled it the mouse worked great again. I forget what option it was that was causing it :(
compatibility tab worked for me

I guess it all depends on system specs. I had the same mouse problem so i just used the compatibility tab and it wokred like it did before in windows me.

Ok..well, I had the same dam laggy mouse prob. What i did was I didnt do any registry tweaks or stupid commands for CS.

All I did was get the new drivers for my Logitech dual optical mouse.

Go and remove Acceleration for my mouse in the windows settings, and I had to put my mouse speed to MAX to move around windows.

Then I played CS. Was a little to slow, so I ajusted the sensiblity IN CS and Voila :) works even better then in 98 SE

MSI K7T-Turbo
Dual optical works fine :)
I too have the Logitech Dual optical...bought it last week. I downloaded the latest driver for XP and had trouble getting the Scroll button on the mouse to work. Finally got that going by checking the box where it says something like MS Office compatible scroll (at work sorry can't remember exact). Then the scroll worked within games. I also assigned the side thumb button to the ctrl key. That way I press the CTRL button within a game (SSSE) to assign the thumb button (Pressing the thumb button within Serious Sam SE didn't work). The problem is when at the desktop and pressing the thumb button a cute little CTRL shows up down by the task bar...well this makes the game FLASH when you press it! So your screen flashes a bit when in the game and you press the side thumb button!
Have not tried CS with it yet.......Maybe one should stay with Microsoft products as Logitechs responses to my email complaints have been lame! Here is the last one:

Thank you for using Logitech's Electronic Technical Support. My name is
Stan. The following information addresses your original question. You
may wish to print this out and/or save this on your computer.

I'm sorry, That is what the software is supposed to do. When you set a
button up as the CTRL key every time you click on that button a CTRL
appears in the lower right hand corner. that way you know if its on or

If you have additional technical questions regarding your product,
please visit our web site at www.logitech.com and submit your question.

Thank you for your interest in Logitech.

Logitech Customer Support

Seriously.. I remeber in 98/Se that my dam thumb button never worked.. and I couldn't get the PUSH ROLLER to work as a button, but I havn't tried in XP.. I'll do that tonight and let u guys know... I think it's work if your disable the web wheel..but not 100% sure yet...

anyways, I'll let u know

As far as games, it's likely due to the fact that Logitech's drivers don't map buttons to DirectInput properly. I've never had a problem with MS pointing devices in this respect -- all five buttons on my MS Trackball Optical bind perfectly in just about any application that uses DirectInput.

I've had two experiences with Logitech. One was back in ye olden DOS days, and the TSR mouse drivers seemed to leak EMS memory all over the place. Another was a Mac trackball that had a good ol' time making InputSprocket go bonkers. They make good solid pointing devices, but I've never had much luck with the software -- I assume things haven't changed much.
You're not using Direct 3D are you? Try Open GL (the default XP drivers don't support it - download them from your card manufacturers web-site) or even, if it's REALLY desperate, Software...

I wouldn't use d3d if I had to, to fix my mouse problem. Then I'd be posting about how to fix my frame rate. The only thing I can say in any attempt to fix the stupid mouse movement is, take everything logical and that you would think would work, and discard it completely.

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