CS lock up

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by asianobody, Dec 3, 2001.

  1. asianobody

    asianobody Guest

    I am running win XP off a clean install and some times when i exit out of CounterStrike my comp locks up and i have to restart. I was wondering what could cause this problem or how i could fix it. What are the newest video drivers out for the geforce2 gts??? Any help would be appreciated.

    pIII 700
    256mb ram
    geforce2 gts
    sbl value
    40gb deskstar
  2. TooL

    TooL Guest

    cs lockups

    Are you pressing escape and then pressing quit to exit out of the game or are you bringing down the console and typing in 'quit' ?
  3. asianobody

    asianobody Guest

    i'm hitting esc first then hitting quit
  4. rush

    rush Guest

    I have the same problem sometimes. It started when I put it my GF3 Ti200 about 2 weeks ago. Maybe it's a geforce thing?