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CS CDkey used


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Ok it was working fine yesterday until I installed some skins and sprites to my cstrike folder. When I play the game and jon a server it says cdkey used or when i join a chat room it says pdkey blocked somethign like that. Then I uninstall it and reisnstall everything including the 1.5 patch. I play again with regular stuff, and i join a server and it says the same thing! Is there a way that i can re type the cd-key? does anyone know how to remove the cd-key?


OSNN Senior Addict
yes, the won auth servers are down, probably due to maintenance but who knows :) Darn, and I was about to play cs drunk :(

Electronic Punk

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Perhaps they are gonna slap a new version on us without giving a heads up... doubt it tho...prob some update so they can start testing 1.6 in closed beta.. ?

I noticed the same thing earlier but decided to blame my dialup.

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