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Crying..Brave Man Leaps Off Cliff For Girl making People Laugh N Cry. OMG


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I was emailed this today from a friend and I was just blown away after reading the emotional comments to the vid. This is real life and what this guy did is just unbelievable considering he filmed this all himself and took 9 months to do it. And at first I didn't understand what he was doing moving all these things around but the mystery quickly unfolded and when I saw him jump off the cliff I gasped and was like OHHH MYYY GAWWDD!

Here is the link:


What do you think? Will he beat the odds? I mean this is a true life real life story! The message at the end is so true too.


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He's SOL. 3/4 of it I thought he was going to burst into dance with other guys in drag costume. If she can live through 3/4 of it, he might have a chance.

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