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Crossroads. Guitar Dual

Anyone know where I can obtain a legal copy of the film “Crossroads” which featured a great guitar dual and was based on another “sold self to devil” film of the fifties in the UK?


Old School XPeriencer
Are you talking about the movie with Ralph Machio? The kid from all the Karate Kid movies?

Its been a super long time since Ive seen that but if i recall, it was joe satriani or someone from that era.

Edit: I was close, Steve Vai
Yes this was the film with the “karate kid” and it can only be purchased in the US in NTSC (never the same colour twice) format. This will play on the Video recorder I have however it is currently not working with a VHS tape stuck in the transport mechanism (Toshiba).

Thanks for all your help I will order it and convert it.

:) :) :)

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