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critical up date, nvidia display

there is a critical update but it is nvidia display software, is this a importinat driver or soemthing wierd,

should i install or shouldent i install?

These are nVidia drivers and will not remove your nVidia
detonator drivers. This driver is nVidia detonator
driver version 44.03 (the same one that is on their
website currently however this one is WHQL signed and has
more specific support for certain nVidia hardware). This
driver was on the Driver Update section but after it was
there for almost a month it was pushed out as a Critical
Update to get wider coverage. It has been placed as a
Critical Update to address a series of issues that have
been reported to Microsoft via Online Crash Analysis.
This driver has many fixes for known bugs from previous
nVidia driver versions and should be installed. If you
have any questions about this driver please feel free to
contact me!
Thanks in advance,
Aaron C. Smith
Microsoft Video Driver Online Crash Analysis Team Lead
you talking about crit updates for your vid card from microshaft? never, ever, ever install these!

always install the most recent vid card updates from the official nvidia site.


viking lost down under
I would not suggest that update, as I installed it. When you start the computer and it loads into winxp, the sreen will jump to black then back to your window (this happens twice). Also the welcome sound gets corrupted with gastly static sounds. After this everything is ok, but it is a bl**dy nuisance.

Originally posted by Glaanieboy
Are you really him, or is this part of the message you copied?

It is part of the quote. Forgot the " "......

Why doesn't MS do this with other companies and drivers that need updates to run on-line, or to even run a game period.

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