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Creative Sound Card Problems with Hight Point 1640 RAID Controller

Hi all

I have recently installed a HighPoint 1640 RAID controller, and have it configured to RAID 5 with four hard drives running in the array.

since installing the RAID controller, whenever there is data transfer between the array and one of my standard SATA hard drives not connected to the RAID controller, the sound out of my speakers distorted badly, almost like the sound when tuning in a radio station.

My soundcard is a Creative Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro, with which I haven't had any problems with in the past.

My motherboard is an ABIT IC7.

One idea I had was that because the RAID controller runs off the PCI bus, as does the soundcard, that ome kind of interference in the PCI bus inself was effecting the sound output? Anyone got any ideas?

Cheers. :cool:

I have checked to make sure irq's aren't being shared, I've swapped around PCI slots, I've even disabled all on-board ports and the on-board soundcard to open up more free irq ports, as well as uninstalling and removing every piece of hardware from the PCI bus and reinstalling each one one at a time - still the problem remains!!! I've run out of ideas, as has everyone else in my immediate vicinity... anyone else have any final ideas before I buy a new motherboard???
Two possibilities.

1) The SATA high speed data transfer could be causing RF interference that couples into the sound card. Try physical seperation between the cables and sound card. Make sure any shield wires on the audio cable to teh cdrom and the SATA cable are not broken.

2) The SATA card is using all the bandwidth on your PCI bus and the sound card is not getting data fast enough. No fix for this. This is most likely the problem. SATA is designed for speed, putting it in a PCI slot chokes it down to 33 mHz.
I have the same problem! But mine is an Audigy 2 on an Abit BD7II-RAID mobo. As soon as I copy files on my secondary disk I get this horrible noise. Sometimes it locks up Winamp. The disk has been connected to the RAID connector on the mobo and on an external controller card with the same results. The primary disk however, connected to the regular IDE port only shows this problem on very rare occations.

I have no idea how to fix it. The workaround has been to use the secondary as storage only and live with it until the next upgrade.

BIOS and driver updates has yet to show any effect.

Could this be a quirky Audigy vs Abit problem?


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What chipsets have you got? If they are ones with the VIA chipset this usually always causes problems with creative cards. there is a "Via latency patch" which may well help if this is the case
indyjones said:
What chipsets have you got? If they are ones with the VIA chipset this usually always causes problems with creative cards. there is a "Via latency patch" which may well help if this is the case
IC7 is i875P and BD7II is i845, so pure Intel.

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