Creative Nomad Zen Xtra (30GB)


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Well my ex gf and now a really close friend dropped her Nomad because someone was shooting hair ties at her and she dropped it by ducking. When she put the battery back in and what not since it came out when it was dropped the Nomad would only load up to the EAX screen and freeze. I reset it and took the battery out a number of times but it doesnt do anything. I tried looking something up about it on google but nothing came up. Does anybody know anything she could do to fix it? We both feel she may just have to get a new mp3 player but she would rather not have too :(. Thanks
I'm guessing it was on when it fell? How long ago did she purchase it? If it's less than a year old, you might somehow be able to get Creative to fix it, although I doubt they cover accidental damage.


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Yeah it was on :\. She got it for christmas cause i helped her mom pick it out for her and all that. They wont know it was dropped tho so maybe she could just tell them that it just started out of nowhere lol.


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Well I fixed it for her. I tried doing the reload os and formating but it keep saying hard disk error so i dropped it and then hit it on the table a few times and then it worked besides the scroll but that got fixed by pressing the lil tiny reset button. I then decided to just update the firmware and now everything is fine. She even can listen to songs that wouldnt work before :).

Wonder if this will score any points in her getting back with me :p lol. I mean she wants to stay real close with me and tells me things she doesnt tell her bf and what not. I sometimes I think I do to much for her after her breaking up with me and all that **** but w/e lol.

Thanks for the help Net :). We were gonna call creative but i was like let me try to fix it and bam it worked after a few hits to the table lol. Thanks again :)


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He He

I asked her well did u try dropping it or hitting it on something and she was like no i dont wanna break it. I was like what else is there to break? It doesnt load all the way and we can still call the company for support so she was like ok so I dropped it and hit it on the table a few times like i said and it started right up :).

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