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Creative nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra 40 GB ..Please help


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I just bought this and am in the process of putting my entire cd collection on it when I noticed that it doesnt play then the next song when the previous is finished...there is probably something Im over looking but its very annoying also I cant skip using the skip track button all it does is stop play. Is there like a play mode or something that it has to be in for continual play and as for the skip button I have no idea. Again Im probably just stupid here but still....


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I have a Zen Touch, but there should be no play modes that only plays one song then stops. There is a play mode however that repeats a single song, but thats it. Normal play mode should play everything, then stop on the last song. Perhaps you've somehow created a playlist with one song? Have you tried the "play all randomly" button? I am not sure if the Zen Xtra has that button. :(

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