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Creative Audigy Platinum



I have an audigy platinum sound card. Sounds great but it is a nightmare. I have never been able to use my headphones thru the front and my remote reciever will not be dectected. I use what an XP erince. any one out there in on the same bus as I? I have sent numerous requests to Creative and none of the replies have worked. I see now there is a new set of drivers for Audigy 2
WTF? they cant even get the first one right. Any fixes for this?

I was going to buy the 5.1 speakers from Creative and more research revealed the speakers had no headphone jack. Guess what I bought the Altec Lansing 5.1 speakers. They have a headphone jack, they look nice and they work on my TV and DVD player. TIA to all who offer advice and suggestions.

Wish I could help! Ive got the same audigy drive and I have yet to find a use for it. I tried running my guitar into it for use with my virtual amp-nothin but white noise. I use the back port and that sounds great. At least it looks purty.

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