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Creating a new wireless network using an USB WiFi dongle

I have a computer which is connected to the internet through a wired ethernet-router. Now I have an USB WiFi dongle and I want to create a wireless network for my laptop. But in Windows XP Home Service Pack 2 there are only options to connect to a wireless network (shocking to see how many unsecured wireless connections there are in my neighbourbood :eek: ), no to create a wireless network of your own. Does anyone know how?
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i don't think you can use a usb dongle to make a wireless network. you need a wireless router. then to receieve the signal u use a dongle. or thats atleast what i have always thought
Well, as a wireless router is in fact a specialized computer with (wireless) network connections, it should be possible using a seperate dongle.


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I'm not sure about the actual networking aspect, but if you use the ICS of windows xp, maybe you'd be able to choose the USB dongle as the network adapter. I haven't tried it personally...

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