Crach CS in WinXP



i just bought a WinFast Geforce2 Ti and put it in my old computer
P4 1.7, 256 mb.
i don't know why everytime i play CS after a few second, sometime it go a few minutes then it crash, my monitor go blank, so i have to restart my computer.

Then i asked a friend and tell me to download this software 'nvreffix' to fix the refresh rate but it still keep craching.


. :)
try this

Im assuming you have the latest drivers ?

go into your bios and set your AGP aperature to 2X not 4X

try that
yea i get the latest driver from nVida.

i could not find the AGP setting my Intel motherboard,
i know other board have but i dont' know why i could not find
the AGP setting for mine. :(
Thank for reply.

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