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CPU upgrade


Stranger Than Fiction
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I have a dual core cpu and want to go quad. My board supports 3 quad core cpu's. None are in production anymore. So if I want one, it's either buy from a oddball place I've never heard of before or try my luck on ebay. So before I get too involved in shopping ebay I figured I'd ask if anyone has any experience with used cpu's? Everyone selling has 100% feedback (not that it means anything really) and they say they are selling working units but I'm just iffy about this. Then again, if I want a Q6700 I pay minimum $230 through someplace listed on pricewatch and then cross my fingers. Or I pay $130 or less for a used one. Both don't seem like good options. Thoughts?


Stranger Than Fiction
Political User
I've got a few that I'm watching this weekend. If I don't win won, I'll start pricing out new mobo/cpu and of course ... ram combos. It all adds up quickly.

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