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CPU Temperatures

I have an old PC running on a network in this room. Its specifications are as follows:

- Pentium 200 MHz running on Asus TX97-E with the latest BIOS.
- Maxtor 80 GB HDD (cooled with HDD fan) and Conner Periphals 1275 MB HDD.
- S3 ViRGE accelerated with some 3Dfx card.
- Sound Blaster 16 soundcard.
- Running Windows 2000 SP4.

Yeah, it's that old. xD Anyway, I've checked the BIOS hardware monitor and SiSoft Sandra. Both of them report the CPU temperature as around 67 degrees Celcius, but Motherboard Monitor 5 reports it as 32 degrees Celcius. Fan is running at max with 5720 RPM. For your information, the MBM5 also reports the case temperature as 30 degrees Celcius and the (Maxtor) HDD as 34 degrees Celcius.

I'm guessing the 67 degrees Celcius value is the correct one, but what do you guys think? Which one of them is correct and can you maybe explain that behaviour? >_o


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rushm001 said:
Try checking the readings in the BIOS. They are most likely to be accurate.
Skwowwy said:
I've checked the BIOS hardware monitor ...
Oh and I wouldn't worry any to much over a p200 .. damn thing could probably run w/out a heatsink and be fine (wouldn't do it myself but you probably could). :)
Heh, thanks. :p Now I'm also wondering something else. What exactly happens when a CPU fries? Is there any fire danger or will the PC just crash and stop functioning, allowing the CPU to cool off (PC won't start up next time, obviously). I'm wondering this, because CPU's usually go 100% all the time when the PC crashes, so that'd mean the CPU would get hotter and hotter during the frying process, which adds the risk of fire. ;O?

Although I know a fair bit about PC's, I've never had a fried CPU/motherboard, so I'd like to get more information about that. xD


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circuits burn... fire is possible...

you could try this as an experiment :D
Sazar said:
circuits burn... fire is possible...

you could try this as an experiment :D
lol fire is possible not unlikely. it usually just burns out and turnso ff the computer. gotta watch out not to touch the cpu with ur finger tho, i've gotten some burns before :rolleyes:
If you keep the heatsink on but the fan dies the PCU will just die. If you take the heatsink off the cpu could catch fire or at least cuase physical damage tot he MB or chipset.

If you take the heatsink off on a newer CPPU 1 gig and above expect flames unless your system has a built in emergency shutdown (OCP's, etc).
Okay, thanks for the replies. At least I won't have to worry too much about this old PC then. xD It's on 24/7, because it's actually a server for the UT clan I'm in. :D Does the job nicely. :p

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