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cpu temp and case temp plz help



I'm concerned about my cpu and case temprature.
I've got a p4 1.8 ghz running at 40C idle and it raises up to
50C when playing games like gta3.
My case temp when idle is always around 34 - 37C and raises up to 40-45C while playing.

I really want to know if these temps are normal. I dont really
think they are but maybe I'm just worrying for nothing.

It drives me crazy when i see my cpu temp in 50C after playing.

My case temp never reached 50C, until a few minutes ago while I was playing gta3. When I saw the temp sensor flashing i went crazy.

My cpu has hfs attached and my geforce4 ti has fan attached. I installed a new fan but I dont know if it is blowing or exhausting.
I'm planning to get a pin fan because the one I installed it is not.

Could you plz help me!!

Ps.: I bought thermal grease just in case i needed, I read the manual before installing my cpu and there was no need to add thermal grease. Do you think I might consider reinstalling the fanheatsink and add thermal grease this time??


50C isn't too far off the mark, but that may be a little warm. If you've got heat grease, you may want to use it. It made a huge difference with my both old PIII and my new AMD chip. Can't hurt anything.

Hipster Doofus

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Don't worry about it. I had my p4 1.5 running at 100%cpu for weeks with temps of 50c. Didn't hurt it at all. 50c isn't really that hot to start panicking about. :)
Keep it under 60C.
Definately keep it under 70C.
Seriously worry when it hits 80C.
Panic when it hits 90C.

So you're in the clear by a good margin.


50C maybe it's a normal temp for cpu temp
but i don't think it's a good case temp that's why I'm kinda in panic

Shamus MacNoob

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Whats the room temp?

Is your tower near a heat source?

My case temp is approx 29C. my cpu 40C idle ... does up to 52C. running heavy games for a longer periord of time.

Athlon 1800+, 768 mb pc2700 ram , geforce4 mx420 asus board,

I dont even have a case fan installed yet just the cpu fan ...
My computer reports higher case temps than CPU temps, which is impossible with regular air cooling. It's NOT 50C in my case. Cheap sensors... :mad:
that's odd that the 1.8 is running that hot... i'm using the stock heat sink and fan from Intel on mine, and i've got it overclocked to 2.4... my cpu temps never stray outside of 21ºC -> 39ºC

the problem could be with the software you are using to read the temps... i used to use asus probe 2.16, and it was all screwy... updated to 2.19 and the temps made more sense..., but now i'm using Mother Board Monitor...

edit: it's not much use comparing pentium with amd since amd's generally run 15-20ºC higher for the same speed...

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