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CPU Temp 64 3000+


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Is 25C a good or bad temp for this processor, just installed it, without any thermal paste (i know i know), so wanted to see if this temp was good or bad. plus whats the highest this processor can go, in regards to temp.


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nope thats the cpu temp, it says so on the bios, on nvidia sys utility and on the easytuner (gigabyte program), why is that a bad temp, its gone down t 24c now, i do have 2 80mm fans right next to the cpu as well.


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For this to mean ANYTHING at all you need to tell us a shedload more....

What PRECISE CPU is this - Winchester is my guess.... what is ambient temp? What is cooling system in place (stock?) regardless of paste issue (something of a red herring)?

All that and more - even then temp monitoring is quite an imprecise thing and really means almost nothing unless you go into it in incredible detail. I could give a link that goes into details of heat distribution over die etc etc and how to get thermistor in there and calibrate your readings....

But the fact you missed all the other info I mention above tells me this would be overload fro you right now. So do tell - and BTW my XP3000+ is clocking in at 66oC now if that makes you feel "cool"!


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main frame guy, if you see my sig, you'll see all you need to know, if you read my first posts you'll find out what cooling i have, the cpu fan is just a stock amd fan that came with the cpu.

alsi i don't think its an imprecise thing, when a bios and two programs report exactly the same thing, also i just thought 25c was incredibly low, especially when your at 66c. i am a very goodpc builder, and i know how to arrange my case for good circulation, but i didn't think i was that good :)


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so you're not too much higher then me then, anyone esle come across such a low temp for this processor?


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I have a AMD 2400 that runs at 89 - 100 degrees depending on load. But I have water cooling! But I am overclocking it to 3200 speeds.... so I would say you should put some grease on that bad boy. But its not a horrible temp.


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my 3500+ reads at 52degrees. but my system temp reads at 10deg :/ its summer now so i dont think thats true. and no, no airconditioning, no fan blowing directly to it with frost and snow. maybe motherboard monitors are just not meant to be correct at times? or is it just me.
That's seems really low... with stock cpu fan and grease plus 2 120mm fans, the lowest I'ver had my 64 3200 was 40C at a complete rest. Even my mobo temp is higher than your cpu temp and I have the AC on most days. I'd like to know how you can keep it so low.. got any tips?
One thing you might want to do is update your Bios on that motherboard.
Tell us your room temperature. That is a very good temperature for the processor. One thing you might want to check out is if you are also running Cool and Quiet with that processor. That will lower the temps a lot. Definitely add some Thermal Paste/Compound as it's a good idea anyways.

And just to verify what Mainframe said. You should post what sort of Heatsink and Fan you are using. Because you didn't in your first post like you stated. That way we're not sitting here trying to figure out how you're getting such a low them when you're running something like a Thermaltake XP120 and a 90mm Vantec Tornado or something.
Get what I'm saying?

But all in all, if you update your bios and you use a program like Motherboard Monitor and you're temps are still the same and correct, then everything is good.

Oh and my CPU usually Idles at around 38c - 39c with a Thermaltake XP120, a panaflo 120mm medium fan, and Arctic Silver 5. Mine is overclocked to 2.6ghz at the moment.
Sensor readings are only relative. Yes, all programs will read them the same, but where is the thermo-resistor?

Also, it is important to know what core your cpu is.


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i am running this program, Cool and Quiet on the board, so perhaps this has something to do with it, also the fan is a STOCK AMD fan, with no thermal paste at all, the room temp is 70c. the side is off the case, also the nvidia utility reports that the core speed is 1000mhz, i thought it was supposed to be 2000mhz on this chip, so perhaps thats the reason in regards to the Cool and Quiet program.

Also Mainframe guy that article was very useful, thanks
It's cool and Quiet. It decreases your clock speed when it's not being used that much to decrease heat and energy consumption. Then when you need more speed it will increase your clock speed and increase energy consumption. That's exactly what I thought was happening.


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Thanks shepscrook, so should i leave the Cool and Quiet on all the time, as it seems to be doing a great job. If i follow you correctly, can i assume then when i play games etc... the processor will automatically meet the demand, by cool and Quiet boosting the Clock speed to the relevent lvls?

Does this impact at all on performance?


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I dont seen any impact on performance with cool n quite on or off but i dont play games. How are you running your processor without thermal paste? Isnt that impossible? Also your chip should be reading 1800mhz.

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