CPU overheating...badly


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OK, here's the deal. I have an Athlon XP 1900. yes, I now it's crap but I'm dealing with it for another 2 months until I can afford to upgrade. But the situation is that I've tried 3 diferent cpu cooling fans and all have the same results. My CPU is running at 107 degrees. WTF?!?! I'm not overclocking. I've tried everything. Last night on my run to the local computer store (hour and a half away) I bought a cooler master Aero 7 lite for AMD (CP5-8J71F). Well, it's installed and the Dynex Silver Themal Compound. I've built computers for the last year or 2 and never have come across this problem. My compy has been doing this for about a year. It usually crashes to a shut down while mid game in World of Warcraft. So when I go to my bios to check the temp....it's always either 105 or 107 degrees...occassionally pushing 109. Any suggestions besides the obvious get a new computer?


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it must be in Fahrenheit. if that thing was running at 107 degrees Celcius, there would probably be a little bit of trouble swapping heatsinks, if you know what i mean. If it's running at 107 F, which i'm HOPING it would be for it to still actually be running, then your computer is fine.


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Ah, well, cool. I can live with that...so anyone have any suggestions as to why it's shutting down though? I know the game is beefy. And I have a great video card *to me that is*. The only thing I can think of is that my powersupply is only 350W. Prolly gonna have to check that. And yes, sorry, it is in Fahrenheit.
Sounds like it may be a PSU issue.

Can you check your PSU AMP ratings on the +12V and +5V outputs?

Minimum on the +12V should be 16A to run this card stable but recommended to get a PSU with 20A or higher. A good quality 350W PSU should handle the job fine but as your looking to upgrade 400W should be a minimum for the future. Just always check the +12V and +5V AMPS. +5V should be at least 35A.

The more components you have in your PC, the more current is drawn from the PSU, especially on these two outputs. Look at these ratings before you look at the WATTS.


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yeah......what he said.

wtf man 350 watt psu with geforce 6800, why didn't you tell us before? remember a power supply from a reliable company will be better than a generic power supply. get an enermax or ttgi superflower or antec, something of that sort.


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logisticprism said:
yeah usually you need to go 130 F at least for your cpu to overheat.
xp cpu's can run into the 150 degree range b4 starting to reboot the compuer and into the 190 degree rang b4 thermal failure meaning it burns up and will no longer boot at all.

I uess I would have to agree with the power issue. when your computer shuts down does it just go black screen then it posts again and starts back into windows? or does it freeze? if it locks up and just sits there it might not be a power thing. either way let us know.


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my amd xp3200 runs at 86 degrees farenheit. i put a coolermaster jet7 blower on it with some arctic silver 5 paste, and it does matter what way you put the heat sink on, sometimes in may look right but it is actually backwards, and on top of that, do a bios updates, up till the update, mine was reading 20 degrees too high.

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