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CPU Load data


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Hi all,

Just starting to get to grips with shell scripting...even though my knowledge of linux is pretty poor itself!

I want to output the cpu load into terminal, showing user, system, nice and idle. proc/stat contains the data I need, but it's in jiffes- I need the output to be in percentages, similarly to 'top' (but I'm trying not to use that command). I think I need to do some equations to convert the numbers into percentages, but I'm not entirely too sure. Following from that, I'm not even too sure how I could implement that into the script :squareeye:

Any help will be appreciated :nervous:


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top :p

Then use grep to grab the parts you want from it.

man top
man grep
man uptime

uptime can be used for just the CPU load, and the current uptime.


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I'm trying not to use that command, but instead, to just get the data from the proc/ directory. I know it sounds odd, but I'm trying to stay as far away as possible from top and ps :)


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Im not too sure exactly what you want here but I can give you a simple 'C' script that will convert the jiffies into percentages if you would like.[size=-1]


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FishBoy said:
can you attach the C script here :D i wanna see it just to get an idea


uptime for Linux

Find the source for it, and look at the code, this is a C program, which you can compile with gcc.

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