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cpu jumps to 100% in xp



I have been experiencing a wierd problem when playing games and using other graphics intensive programs. The game or program will run fine for a few minutes then the processor will jump to 100%. This will freeze the computer and make it very jerky for about thirty seconds, then it will return to normal. This will happen at all times. The cycle will just repeat itself throughtout the game playing time or in other applications. The first time i noticed this happening, it got worse causing my internet connection to be disconnected. And it happened at all times, even in safe mode.I then factory restored my computer. Symptoms where only limited to certain games but didn't happen as much as before.
I got sick of this problem and completely reformated my hard drive and reinstalled windows. Updated all drivers got all available updates and still have same problem and in safe mode. I have no clue about this stuff so any recommendations would help. Thanks

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Welcome to the forums bal603. :) If you have a memory tester you could give that a go to make sure your ram is OK. If you haven't got one we can get a link for you.


First thing I would do is run SpyBot, and then Adware 6 to see if there is some spyware in the background tying up you CPU. I just did the girlfriends computer and it had almost 90 different spyware software installed.:(


heres my system
xp home, pentium 4 1.5ghz, 512 mb ram, 60 gb 5400 rpm hd, 64 mb nvidia geforce mx video card, anything else dvd player, and cdw. Anything else i shoud've listed?


Are you running any memory management programs like MemTurbo? These kinds of programs can cause the computer to slow down significantly while it cleans out the RAM.


i have the regular geforce mx w/latest gforce drivers, no memory management programs, and i think i have the latest DX. I think it was 9.0. I downloaded it about a week ago.


If it does it while running an application, open up task manager real quick and see what process is eating up all the cpu usage.


Hey bal603 : Try turning your virus scanner off before playing games. It might help a little
Originally posted by bal603
i have the regular geforce mx w/latest gforce drivers, no memory management programs, and i think i have the latest DX. I think it was 9.0. I downloaded it about a week ago.
The DX 9 could be your problem as you card isnt a dx9 card, it should be dx8 but original GeForce hell it could be dx7. Search the forums for DirectX9 or something, you might be able to find a way to revert to DX8 if you havent got any restore points.


I check the task manager every time this happens. Usually a lot of programs cpu% jumps up and gets erratic. Explorer is one that i notice everytime though.


I had this problem till i upgraded to Service Pack 1. It was explorer.exe that was taking up all my cpu time and made the computer pretty unusable.

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