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cpu fan off

ok ever since i got back to canada it seems like my mobo is acting differently, before i went i unplugged the power supply and unplugged the wires from the mobo (i dont know why but i just did it) and when i got back my mobo wasn't acting like it used to, before it used to completly power off on standby and i was able to control my cpu fan using SpeedFan but now my cpu fan only turns on when cpu is too hot like over 50 and SpeedFan doen'st control it and on standby my computer stays on (like it's supposed to) but i liked it when it used to go off, how can i make it go back to it's old self or at least let my cpu fan spin, i tried turning off cool'n'quiet from BIOS but that didn't help it made it worse by making it hotter and cpu fan doesn't spin
Check that you got all the cables plugged back in the right spots, seated securely, and in the right direction on the fans. This is just a WAG but, any chance the fan header is plugged in backwards?

PS If your going to unplug for a long trip you want to pull the power supply plug, the modem, the ethernet cable, unplug the speakers from the wall outlet and unplug any scanners or printers. i.e. anything plugged into a wall outlet that also plugs into your computer. This prevents any risk of lightning damage.

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He did not unplug to take PC on trip but to (I assume) keep anyone else from using PC while he gone.

Since you unplugged the power maybe the Bios options got reset or corrupted. It can happen if mobo battery is a bit weak.
yea like AmericanZombie said for security reasons coz i was going back home for 2 weeks and they were having room inspections at the dorm so i just unplugged it from the wall and from the psu and unplugged the power cable from the mobo removed the jumper cables and disconnected the HDDs, and put a password, but undid everything when i got back

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