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cpu cooler -- thermal grease??


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okey, I got a new motherboard, processor, RAM for the motherboard and even a CPU cooler... now my question is, I'm at the part where I'm putting the cpu cooler on, where do I place the thermal grease?? do I put it on the bottom of the heatsenk part of the cpu cooler or on the cpu itself?? And do I have to spread it out evenly and do I use all, half, how much?? the cpu cooler I'm using is HAC-V81 that's by coolermaster (if it really matter)...

thanks for any help
arctic silver 3

mm somebody probably knows the site for it sorry i dont :S forgot it
buh its very good..most ppl use it
and u apply a paper thin layer..wont need much of it so u can save it for later n all
i think..you would spread it over the cpu..the heat spreader on the p4's..a paper thin layer..and place the heatsink on top...thats what i did..temps r good...27* C idle :D


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You should apply the smallest amount possible .. all the greese is doing is filling in the microscopic holes of the bottom of the sink and the die.. if you put to much it will cake up and could be less efficient than not using any at all..


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Well the best way is to rub a small amount on the contact area of the heatsink, cover you finger in plastic wrap and run it in so that it will fill all the little imperfections in the heatsink, if your using Artic silver 3, the heatsink bottom will have a light gray color to it. But don't cover the whole heatsink, just the area where the heatsink contacts the CPU core. Then you also, using your finger wraped in platic wrap, spread a thin layer over the CPU Core, Only the core!

Do not touch the bottom of heatsink or the CPU Core with your bare fingers.


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whoops, I applied some and used the sweeded thingy that holds the thermal grease to spread it around on the bottom of the heat sink and I kind of touch the bottom of it with my bar fingers and after one hell of a time, finially got it on -_-'

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