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For some odd reason i can join Day of Defeat Source servers and on Counter-Strike Source i can't join any of the servers that are listed. I have no idea why, i dont' think it can be my router becuase i can get on DoD but i don't kno why it won't go on CS. Any suggestions why i can't join CS servers to play?

American Zombie

Staff member
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What do you mean by can not join the servers?

Is Steam giving you an error message or is the server you are trying to join kicking you?
Yup its already installed before i even got the router. It just wont let me, no error comes up just that i click join and nothing happens.


Mr. Bananagrabber
Political User
Does it give you an error message, like you couldn't be authenticated or something?
I had this happen to me several times, i found closing out of steam and restarting my pc does the trick...
Hopefully try my idea before you try uninstalling and reinstalling since that will take forever...
Do you mean it can't launch or no servers are coming up in the server browse? I know i have been having a problem that no servers are showing up in the server browser when I am in game so I have to use the out of game server browser to find servers.


Mr. Bananagrabber
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I mean it can't launch...
When you click connect on the server it ges almost done than it messes up wih an error message...
Na my servers come up its just that everytime i click join it won't join. I keep pushing refresh and the more i push refresh the latency of the server keeps rising and rising. I think its a port problem on my router but i don't kno how to fix it. I opened all the ports that it told me to open on the Steampowered.com website =/

American Zombie

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Can you connect through the console?

At least you may see any connect error this way.

Right click server in browser list > view server info

Copy or write down the complete server address > open console then type connect and paste or type in the address then push enter

na it says unknown command =/ for some reason Day of Defeat works, but COunter-strike doesn't join. I re-installed, everything, i dont kno what to do


Mr. Bananagrabber
Political User
I hate what has happened to steam now,
You cant save a favorite in Counterstrike anymore, you have to save it in steam only...

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