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Counter-strike Time

Tabula Rasa

Stranger Than Kindness
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Cool site EP, don't really get how you going to count the killed/played/died thing , but thanks for adding me to the -=Xp0=- Clan.

BTW aren't we missing some clan members???
Good job EP!
And as Benny said, I think we are missing some members.

May I also add that we have our own XP-erience CS Clan IRC channel, so come visit #xperience-cs on EfNet :)


F@H - Is it in you?
Staff member
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we need a ranking system in place for team in terms of seniority or something...

first people I saw with XP logo were EP and lightwave... anyone else that might have been there too... I think they should be designated team leaders... the rest of us come after those 2 or 3 guys... so like me and iceman and xsiv who as far as I know were the next string of players AFTER the first lot should probably be second tier or whatever... just a basic idea...

most clans do this and it does not have to be skill based :)

in the future we can setup a server for our clan or whatever :)

just an idea.. feedback will be welcome...

nice site btw EP... :) here is a screenie for you to work with if you want lol...

its our very own EP squaring of v/s HPR servers admin 7.62


F@H - Is it in you?
Staff member
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a suggestion for clan team structure because all clans have good team leaders...

my basic layout

leaders = electronic punk : lightwave since they are the first 2 I saw with the logo and playing regularly... that they are also the best does not hurt at all :)

2nd tier leaders = xsivforce and iceman coz they are normally on quite a bit... anyone else who plays quite a bit or has decent skills can be added... personally am thinking of people like stircrazy and O_87...

3rd tier cadets would include the rest of us...

this is a basic layout and will need approval of course... but a 3 tier system is good...

in future if we do setup a server it will be admin to whoever sets up server and also the team leaders and then lesser admin mods to the rest of the people...

like I said this is just a scenario... people need to let us know if they think the 3 tier approach is good... if there should be more tiers or whatever...

suggest away :)


Political User
well as soon as my friend gets his 4mbit, he is gonna set up a server, and ill ask him if he wants to join the team, so that it can be the team server.

Electronic Punk

Staff member
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I once tried joining a clan but they all went to bed at like 9pm cos they had school the next day. Need to get their damn priorities right!!

Nothing like playing wiht people who are a few hours behind you :)

Tabula Rasa

Stranger Than Kindness
Political User
I just got an Email from clanbase saying i got added to the -=Xp0=- clan, whats clanbase and why they have my email (well the email part i can imagine)
Actually Benny, JJB created a new page for the Xp0 clan at www.clanbase.com

"They" didn't really get your email address ... JJB filled that in for all of us based on the data on this site :)

I was surprised when I received that mail too.

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All good still mate?
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