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Counter-strike Public Beta

Electronic Punk

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Just thought I would re-itterate the importance of dialup users not downloading this as I did. Tho it has convinced me to get broadband.

The system works by updating your files everytime a change is made, everything must be downloaded and will not effect your current HL/CS setup.


Key Gen?

Anyone know if the Key-Gen link is valid? FilePlanet says it's not there, anyone have a mirror?


Electronic Punk

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This will only be for the beta, and to tell the truth it kinda makes sense, as it means all the beta testers will have the latest versions....

The final product, which I believe to be out in less than a month, will be downloadable similar to all the others, I don't know what is going to happen when this Steam application is finished.

There is no way they would integrate this new powerplay lag free gaming and then force everyone to use broadband or wait ages to play.

But for a beta it makes sense.

Being on dialup myself, I decided to wait and let it download dust, which took about an hour - thought it would have taken longer so I was quite suprised, no idea where it was downloading the files to unless it was to a huge 512meg cache file... painful...

But like I said before it has pushed me over the line and I will be getting broadband installed on monday.


Quazatron R6 droid
E-punk, it would probably be better to bury C/S for the rest of this month and get broadband when the wholesale price drops to around £20 on April 1st - that's what our family are going to do anyway - you'll get cheaper connection charges then.

Of course, if your going to get BB installed on Monday and you have already committed yourself, its your decision and could be too late to change :) it could also turn out that the company you go with reduce their charges around April 1st.

Just an idea :)

Electronic Punk

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Well basically three of us are going in with blueyonder at £25 month, thats less than a tenner each - which would be the cost per month of a phone line, well worth it.


i was just wondering if i install CS1.4 BETA on my computer will i be able to play on a CS1.3 server?


Wots the deal wiv da setup askin for credit card details!!???!!??!!

I aint payin to play CS when i already got it!!

Electronic Punk

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Didn't ask me?

I guess they are thinking about the future where you may have to pay for a steam subscritption, I don't know about this.

You should not need to give these details to participate in the beta.


I`d love to know the logic in making the beta broadband only.

It means that the net-code must really suck ass in my view, if it has to have broadband. How are they going to beta test the game for the majority of the UK for example, that can`t get broadband?

Does it mean that "as usual" when it comes to online gaming, yet ANOTHER multiplayer game is going broadband only?

Surely the best test of an online game like counterstrike is to only allow dialup users the chance to play it. That way they could be assured it would work like a charm for the people lucky enough to have broadband.

Somehow I think what I said previously is more the case.


OSNN Addict
The beta is broadband because of Steam. It's a content delivery system, and one of its major purposes is to keep the builds current during a beta test. The broadband requirements have absolutely nothing to do with the netcode or anything gameplay-related.

Actually, you CAN participate in the public beta on a 56K modem, but I wouldn't recommend it, and it isn't officially supported. The closed Steam beta test that I was a part of, however, DID require that all testers have a broadband pipe of some description.

The Half-Life and Counter-Strike updates will NOT require a high-speed connection, and there's no indication that this will be the case at any time in Half-Life's cycle.

Electronic Punk

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Gnu: Thats what I did, managed to play a little bit of dust, but it has actually pushed me over the line and I will be getting broadband installed TODAY

Damn CS :D

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