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Counter-strike problem...


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For some reason out of the blue my Counterstrike started freezing in the connection screen you see right before you start playing... I did a fresh reinstall and tried making a LAN game BEFORE updating to 1.5 and it loaded the game just fine, but as soon as I updated to 1.5 the freezing problem starts again... someone help...
Yeah Open GL at 1024x768... my cpu isn't overclocked but my video card is... it's clocked at *checks* 280/570... there's no reason(that I can see) why it shouldn't be working...
what exactly do you see in the console? is it hanging or does it give you an error?

i know sometimes it takes me a minute or so to actually connect to a server.

let us know exactly what you see in the console...
I join/make a server, and the connections screen comes up, and the usual text starts(you know, thank you for joining such and such server, here are the rules, etc) scrolling and what not, then it eventually just freezes and I have to ctrl+alt+del out...


Are you running any file share applications in the backround?
Can you type anything? If so try typing retry. See what happens.


OSNN Addict
Nah I never ran any programs in the background... whatever the problem was, it was something screwy... however I recently reformatted so problem solved =)

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