Counter Strike Microphone Issues

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by Hematic, Aug 17, 2003.

  1. Hematic

    Hematic Guest

    Ive been playing CS for a while now, and my microphone voice chat always worked fine, but now all of a sudden during CS my voice cant be heard by others. I am using a headset with a seperate plug for the microphone and aserperate plug for the ear pieces. I got them plugged in right and when i go to my PC's sound options, microphone is selected. But when i start CS it deselcts it and selects "Doc Mic" whatever that is. and then my mic doesnt work anymore. how can i make it not do this?? please it is getting very frustrating.
  2. _DM_

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    just reinstall CS.
  3. Hematic

    Hematic Guest

    That is the LEAST convenient and the least likely to fix my problem.
  4. Geffy

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    try updating Audio Drivers, and running the Microphone config tool again
  5. Hematic

    Hematic Guest

    Well i updated those drivers, and i havent had the problem of the mic switching off yet, i will give it a little while but i hope that fixed it. weird though, it never did that before...