Counter Strike / LINKSYS Router Problem



I have my own cs server it is running AdminMod, CSguard 8.0, Chicken mod, and Statsme. Everthing is working fine on the lan but nobody in public can connect to it. my server goes through the router and the server is using my routers ip address which is . is not my IP address. My friend says that i have to go to my linksys settings and forward my IP address... is that true??? if yes how do i do it and if no.. how do i fix it??? HOW do i forward the right ports and which ones. Also in my hlds.exe shortcut what should be included in that? +ip something maybe i dunno.
I need to get the server up to the public ASAP Thanks ~Sup


sry this is what i have in my HLDS.exe shortcut now ----
C:\SIERRA\Half-Life\hlds.exe -game cstrike +ip 24.***.***.1*0 +port 27015 +maxplayers 8 +map de_dust2

what should be there?
it would take a long time to explaine but u do need to open the ports and foward it to your computer but it is all in the manual and it is in a pdf file on linksys's web site. but if u know teh general idea of networking then u can do it. but first off in your web brouser type in teh adderss bar and then it will ask for a user name and a pass. leave the name bland adn teh pass is admin
I'm still not 100% clear of the situation.
1. What is the internal IP of your router? Should be
2. What is the internal IP of your CS server? Should be
3. What is you external IP? Static or dynamic?

And yes you have to forward, and yes port 27015.
You can continue on the old thread if you want you know. That way we won't have to start all over again.


1. What is the internal IP of your router? it is
2. What is the internal IP of your CS server? it is
3. What is you external IP?is 24.208.***.*** .
Static or dynamic? im not sure how can i tell?

Where and how do i forward the port 27015?
Ok, this is simple if you do it right.

1. Forward port 27015 (the default CS port) on TCP to your server ( in the router. This is done in the configuration utility of your router. To access it type in your browser. The rest is described in your manual (did you read it?).
2. Start CS. No funny command line switches except the ones you need for the modules.
3. Start a new Internet game.
4. Have your friends connect to your external IP (24.208.***.***) inside CS.
5. Play.

Detailed enough for you?

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