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Counter-Strike Dedicated Server Lag When I join


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Hey, I'v been trying to figure this problem out for a long time and no can do, heres the prob. Whenever I make a dedicated server (hlds) and whenever i join it I get lag, like 200 ping, also when people join in they start to lag too. This never happened when I first made my dedicated like last year ago with Windows XP. But when I try to make a non dedicated server from the game (CS) and when i join it, i dont lag, and when people join in they dont lag either also. What is causing this problem, Iv uninstalled CS, and I even bought a new Half Life cause i was banned from ym cd key lol. So how do I fix this problem?


OSNN Senior Addict
You need a stronger computer and net connection to play and also host a game... that is the reason of the Lag...

Although 200 ping isn't such Lag....

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