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Counter Strike 1.4 update

Electronic Punk

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Enforcer writes "CS 1.4 will feature new anti-cheat programming. I have play tested it and here is some info.

1. When you join a server, you d/l the necessary files for play. This way the only files you use are the temporary ones you d/l.

2. More server variables and stability.

3. Weapons have for the most part stayed the same in accuracy and damage.

4. Possibly better on XP. My 1.3 runs fine, but this is supposed to support XP better."

1. Eh? This seems a bit vague? And a bit harsh for those people still on dialup (*looks in mirror*)
2. Monstro vague.
3. Have obviously been playing with them as the Para was at one stage incredibly accurate, also teh weapon names have changed, tho I am sure the old ones will make a comeback
4. How exactly?

Plenty of previews of CS1.4 with alot more information than this, off the top of my head, will feature a new method for fighting cheats and managing games called Steam, many new spectator modes including first person mode and map mode, 3rd-person-perspective-death-mode, tweaked jumping movement- can't wait to see it.

Very frustrated with CS atm, just played on a server with Lightwave and JJB and my ping was thru the roof, of course, and I didn't know who and who wasn't cheating. Getting paranoid.
they should really do something about how damn easy it s to use the awp/scout...its just too damn easy now. BS AWP WHORES!!! lol

Electronic Punk

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Hahah, they are a pain, its just one of the many ways to be l33t in Counter-strike, the maps are carefully designed to ensure that there is a way of sneaking around this damn campers, I don't think it would be wise to change the way it works so late in Counter-strike's development, just buy a sniper rifle yourself and camp their haunts until they realise the tactic doesn't work... I am more worried and paranoid about cheaters these days.

I got three headshots in a row the otherday and was thinking I was sure to get kicked for cheating, its rediculous.
I hardly even play anymore because of all the cheating going on. I have admin in a server and at the end of each round Im kicking people...sux. I got into medal of honor, VERY good game, maybe even a replacement =]
I have to download the friggin' maps now?By the time I'm done with that the map will change,and I'll have to start over.This sucks for people with dial-up(who outnumber broadband subscribers).What were they thinking?
Dial-up is all I can afford.There is no cable where I live,or I'd have that.My phone company offers DSL at the incredibly low price of $80.95 a month,with a 1 year contract and a $275 modem purchase required.I'm gonna have to move,I guess.


Bad luck man...you should either move or wait until they supply cheaper cable/dsl connections...:(

Electronic Punk

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I really really doubt that you will need to download maps etc. when connection, that would make it rediculous and the community would be destroyed as alot of CS players are on dialup, I can see small updates being downloaded automatically such as anti-cheating measures etc.


I hope it will destroy the latest CS cheat = OGC 7.0

its undetectable they say :(


mother F^%$()*&*^^$£^87&(*(&)((*)er Cheaters !!

Message was Punked.


Well there are much more detailed previews out there.
Can't remember though :( If you really want to know do a
search or try a cs news site.

They are putting DOD style jumping in (stamina) so you
slow down whenever you jump, and can't jump repeatitivly.

This is the first I have heard of XP support, but I
presume it means fixing the mouse lag so many people have
been getting in HL.

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