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Could anyone help me with these questions please????


Daniel Rossi

Hi Everyone,

I live in Perth Western Australia and i go to a TAFE (if you dont know what TAFE is it is basically a form of Tertiary Education, not a high school not a University)

I have got a whole heap of questions to answer and i have answered about 80% of them except for these ones i will list below and if anyone could help me out with them i would really appreciate it as i cant seem to fins a simple answer for them the info just goes for pages and pages about them:

DHCP = 2 Advantages
2 Disadvantages
Why does DHCP Work Using Packets??? is that true and if so whats the answer??

What is DNS?
DNS like ARP (Why is DNS like ARP)???
DNS Hierachy

IP Addresses = Classes
= Subnet Mask
= What is Subnetting

What does a Router do that a Switch doesnt

Give some examples of Class A, B, C IP Addresses

Yeh soo if anyone could help me out here it would be very much appreciated!!!


Prodigal Son
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You will get better responses in this section. We have some guys who frequent this section who should be able to answer these questions.

Daniel Rossi

thanks ill check them out now and by the way i like that pic u got there too ;) or pics i should say seein it keeps changin on me hehe

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