Could A Bad Wire Do This????


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Hi Guys,

One of my computers in my home network cannot get access the network. It was connected and working fine up until two weeks ago, but then the connection went dead. I have not made any settings changes to the computer, it is manually configured ip address, DNS and the like. The network card is working properly, both in the device maneger and the lights working behind the tower. The networking icon in the systemtray only shows one monitor screen come on, not the usual switching back and forth between screens. The port lights on the linksys router to which the computer is hooked up to is on, all of them. I seem to think that maybe the connector on the wire,Cat5, could be the culprit. These wires run through my walls, and all the computers are in different rooms and the router and modem are downstairs connected directly to the distribution panel (ADSL). Right now, I am stumped. Also tried resetting the computer, restarted it numerous times. There are no forwarded ports for this 'puter in the router and no software firewall. Thanks in advance........



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Can you run another wire from that computer to the other one to test it?? Just along the floor and down the stairs etc...



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this happened to me once

I clipped the existing socket pieces off and put on new ones (a bit further down the cable) and it was then workin fine.


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Thanks for the replies,

I am going to have to move that 'puter into another room and setup there, I do not have sufficient cable to not move the machine. I will post when I test it later today. I am pretty sure it will be the connectors if it shows that it is my wire.


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