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Corrupt Folder on Removable drive


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Could anyone help, please? My external hard drive has gotten a corrupted folder. I have no access in the folder to any files or folders with first letter after H. My bro added a folder not realising the problem and when he exited the folder and re-entered the new folder Radiohead was gone.

What is the problem and how can I fix it? Please I beg.


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Try un-installing the drive if you are using USB to connect it or firewire.
Plug it back in, and wait for windows to discover the drive. Then try it.

What kind of external drive? brand ?

i will add that I had a problem like this before and i used Linux to save the files.
This link is a nice guide. please note this is involved stuff but it does work.



OSNN One Post Wonder
There are probably some freeware applications out there for recovering lost or corrupt data from disks. I would try using your favorite download site (download.com, softpedia.com, majorgeeks.com, etc) to look for recovery software. Perhaps it will be able to repair your folders.

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