corrupt drive! :( help plz!!




my 5month old external firewire hard drive has stopped working 100%. i use it on my laptop via a pcmcia firewire card. it's a 30gb drive.

this all started happening when i tried to connect the drive to my older win98se laptop. it wouldn't read the entire drive, just certain folders. i tried getting a patch for win98se + firewire drives from microsoft.

i didn't get any errors after installing the the patch, tho. in fact, the problem seemed to start when i disconnected the drive to connect it to the other drive. i suddenly got an error:

"windows - delayed write failed

windows was unable to save all the data for the file e:. the data has been lost. this error may be caused by a failure of your computer hardware or network connection. please try to save this file elsewhere."

after some searching through the help, i noticed that there was a write caching option for this drive which was set to on. what it also said was that if the drive received a power-out or a short or anything like that, the drive might become corrupt.

and sure enough, i can't seem to read it at all on my win xp machine. however, on the win98se machine, it still reads half of it just like it did before. not all of the folders show up on the 98se but some do, nothing has changed. but when i try to access it on my xp laptop i get a 'e:\ is not accessible. the file or dirrectory is corrupted and unreadable' error.

can anyone help me fix this please?

thanks so much!


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I'm not sure why it won't work under XP...but I probably know why it's only seeing half your files on 98...

When you went to switch the drive did you remember to use the Safely remove hardware app to stop the device, then disconnect it....or did you just disconnect it.

If you just disconnected it, the likely problem is that the MFT was still being accessed, you pulled the firewire connected, and fried it...same as if you pull a usb card reader out while it is reading the card...not only will you mess up the card sometimes, but you'll get a BSOD in windows because the device has to be stopped before being removed

If your MFT is truly corrupt there is not much you can do short of formatting the drive. sorry man


no, i made sure to click on 'safely remove hardware' first and THEN disconnected it physically.

still no solution... can anyone help please?

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