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Corporate Emails in my Google account


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On day as a joke i made a account called systemdomain for google. It was to prank one of my friends as a interested buyer of some domain name lol. This account i usally dont go in it much, but i guess a companies IT department things its there head managers account, so they have been sending me stuff

They send me there
SMTP project on Linux Platform.
Project Exectuion steps

Ask me if they can get the new project, lol
Today they send me their whole .net Synopsis about 80 pages stuff, all seprated into diffrent aspects of the internet. It says done by
Pacific IT Solutions, Bangalore.

From looking at there emails its for this company http://www.systemdomain.net/

I also write them back wrong person but they still send me stuff. I'm going to stop sending them replys. Or is this just some screw up by gmail???
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I may actually be insane.
I doubt it would be a Google fubar.

The company has two Nike ticks as their logo... maybe they're just inept, maybe it's just spam... who knows :D


Part of a System
The email is signed by there IT people, i dont think its spam since there is no span in the mail at all. And some of the documents are high quailty stuff they send.

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