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Corel Draw 9 Font Question


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I have a few PCs I need to re-image that have Corel Draw 9. Apparently it is strongly recommended NOT to install ALL the fonts available, because it can cause your PC not to perform well. Rather, they suggest installing only those fonts that are desired. It took near three hours last time to get all the fonts set on each PC as desired, so I'm looking for a better way.

After reading a little bit and finding this article -


I'm assuming all I have to do is make a backup of the C:\Windows\Fonts folder. Can anyone who has used or who has Corel confirm this? Thanks!


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Slow down or cause errors?

I was thinking I could do a standard install of Corel first and then drop the fonts right back on top of it.


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What I ment to say when you save the fonts folder you will also get the system and windows fonts. After you are done re-installing Windows install new fonts from the saved font folder do not just drop them in the new font folder use the install font feature but like i said it will have some duplicates.

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