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Cordless Phones



Hello everyone, long time no see :cool:

Anyways I am looking into buying a cordless phone and I just wanted to ask a few questions...

What would you recommand for a 2.4Ghz phone? I don't need multiple headset compatiblity

Secondly, this Uniden TRU-446 has NiMH batteries though they're in a 'battery pack' configuration where they're wrapped in plastic and have a wire sticking out of them - so would I be able to use higher mAh batteries?

Is spread spectrum worth it? Or is it another yuppie technology...

Thanks, It's so difficult even for a geek to choose out a technical product anymore - the choice is immense and alot of BS exsists
Make sure you get a phone with digital transfer (DECT) and not analogue. The digital may cost a bit more but they are much better.
I just bought a few yesterday, though mine were multiple handset ones, and the advice I was given was to go with the brand Vtech. It had most of the same features of the high end panasonic and it was much cheaper. So far I'm loving it. Hope that helps


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My experience from owning a 2.4GHZ, and from selling them for about 6 months:

Panasonic makes great phones, and so does VTech. However, I have experienced a problem with several different VTech models in which they changed channel randomly while I was using the phone. This was very annoying because I would get a second or two of silence, and this would happen as often as every few minutes. For this reason I have never bought another VTech phone.

Also, be aware that 2.4GHZ phones interfere with (some or all of)wireless networks, because both operate on the same frequency. The interference only takes place when the phone is in use. If you don't have wireless in your home, and don't intend to anytime soon, then it's no big deal. Just wanted to make everyone aware.

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