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Copy and Paste for iPhone Now available!


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You can now copy and paste on the iPhone/iPod Touch thanks to PasteBud. I just saw it at http://www.pastebud.com and it looks like a great copy/paste solution. See this video to see how it works:

The best part about PasteBud is that you don't need a jailbroken iPhone/iPod Touch! It works off of the bookmarks and uses javascript, etc. within the Safari browser and you can also copy and paste between your e-mails and Safari.

I hope that Apple someday releases copy/paste on the iPhone in one of their firmware updates. It really surprises me that they still haven't released it, and copy/paste also looks like the most wanted feature too!


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Here it goes: wow! Amazing, and so innovative!

* turns off apple fanaticism *

Whatever... I mean come on. How many people REALLY knew cut + paste existed before Apple invented it? Seriously?



Oh, now I know...!
Sorry, I totally forgot. Just like they invented the (colour) touch screen, "full" internet on mobile devices, the option to send messages to MULTIPLE people, and much much more!!

the iphone is a smartphone, it should have had copy & paste by default. There are a number of times I've bumped into it being missing on the iphone already.
I've not installed any copy and paste software yet. I use the iphone for email, calls, texting and internet browsing when out and about.

I'll be on the train for 7 hours on saturday so hopefully I'll be using it for music and tv as well if the train has wi-fi.

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