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Coolmon pooped


Chamone M*tha Fu*ka
Any one ever had this when launching coolmon:

"Warning: Looks like a crash is going down. Would you like to save the data to a file which you can submit to aid the debug process?"

I then get what u see in the attachment.

What can I do to rectify?

I've tried re-installing etc to no avail.


Chamone M*tha Fu*ka
OK found it:

Q: When I start CoolMon an error is displayed and the app wants to take me to a microsoft.com page to download Exctrlst.exe

A: Sometimes Windows will disable some of the DLLs that gather the information for the Performance Counters. Exctrlst.exe provides information about the performance counter DLLs that have been installed on a computer running Microsoft Windows 2000/XP. It will give you an overview which counters are enabled and allows you to reenable a counter which has been disabled. Enable all counters for CoolMon to work properly!

Now works!!!

I'm looking into running as a php so I can use my active desktop - cewl!!!

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