"Cooling Sprite" - Ice Demon

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Ice-Freezer, Mar 18, 2003.

  1. Ice-Freezer

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    couple of days ago i just updated my bios to newest one and there was a new configuration called
    cooling sprite - ice demon
    i thought ah whata hell lets turn it on
    after starting windows later 15 minutes i checked the cpu temp which was 36c idle.
    i turned on quake3 and played it half an hour then i checked the cpu temp it was 41.5c 100%load.
    Now thats a big improvment over my last temperature , before it used to be 54c 100%load, 47 idle
    i am sure if i had better heatsink like slk-800 that the temps would go down even more.
    mobo is jetway v266b and cpu xp1800 1.79volts
    heard this thing doesnt use any system resources and it actually lowers temps of some other components in the box
    i'd like to see this feature on asus boards..
    here are some pics if it doesnt work do right click save target as...
  2. Krux

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    sounds like a hardware cpucool type thing I was under the impression it made your cpu do less work per clock, I could be wrong which I prolly am but thats why I haven't try it yet.
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    What type of board and bios u use?