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I have two fans on the side of my case and i was wondering, should they blow or exaust??
My computer is a Dell Intel cel at 1.10Ghz, 384 mb of Ram, a GeForce 4 mx 420 64MB(with a heatsink), a 40G Western Digital hard drive 72000 and a 20G Maxtor.
Right now i have one blowing air towards the video card and the other one exausting heat off the hard drives. Is that my best option or should i change then around?:(



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basically try it out as all cases are diferent!! as long as 1 is blowing in + the other is sucking out. take your temp @ mo + then switch the fans round + look @ temp again:cool: best bet is normally 2 have cold air being blown over ur cpu but as urs if pretty slow it wont get as hot.:happy:

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