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Coolest Linux?


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Hi guys,

I'm bored with my Vista Beta 2 already hehe, and I want to use my 2nd HD to run Linux as I reckon it will be quicker and more stable that VB2 is, and also I've never used linux so it will be cool to see what it's like. So basically, what's a really cool version Linux? There are so many out there I don't know which to use. The only stipulation is that it has to be free. I've actually got a copy of Linspire whatever that is, and I've been told that SuSE is pretty good, but in all honesty I have no idea about any of this!

Cheers, reps for good suggestions!


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My sugestions would be - Ubuntu Dapper Drake for trouble free install and drivers all present and correct from the get go....

Then again if you get frustrated being SUDOed out of root and want to play as a power user, prefer KDE, want to have YAST at your disposal, all things you do not get with Ubuntu then perhaps SUSE 10 would be the WTG...

Those would be my possible choices anyway. I am sure others will have their oen but you have not given much information about what your plans may be beyond stability at greater than VISTA beta levels, which I suspect any Linux distro should be capable of.... And AFAIK they are all free - you only pay for fancy support options that are not a requirement, but may be adopted by some business users.


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as always, when someone asks this you have to say it all depends, there are what, over 100 distros, check out distrowatch to see which are the favorites right now, which Ubuntu 6.06 is #1 right now, but it is the easiest one to use, which I guess most people would want, if you really want to learn it, I guess there are much better ones to look at.
you know, if you want to play around with linux and not really use it for much, I would suggest to go with knoppix first ( live cd, everything already setup automatically) then grab a copy of suse, or yellow dog...

Ubuntu is great for a windows alternative, however It doesn't really give you the full "linux feel"

that's just my opinion.

Gentoo is just about the coolest one out there, however it's a huge pain to install, especially if you are a linux newb.


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ubuntu is definently much closer to windows, but I still think there are alot of big difference, which would make it LINUX, which windows users would get confused and mad about lol


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Hi guys,

Thanks for all the cool advice. I've decided to get the x86-x64 edition of SuSE to start with, but I also defo want to have a go with Ubuntu as everyone seems to think it's pretty cool. I'm going to wipe my 2nd HD and install on that.

Will I be able to dual-boot easily enough if Linux is the most recently installed OS?


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I advise you to backup before installing. I use Ubuntu Dapper on my MiniMac and it's great :D. I used SuSe ages ago cause I got the pro edition or something free in a competition (I think a member on this forum actually linked it). That was a long, long time ago though. Also Slackware Rocks :)P) for advanced users, I haven't used it in a long time, it can get complicated ^_^.


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I advise you to backup before installing..... ^_^.
I am extremely curious where this advice is coming from (given I have breezy on some boxen and am thinking of going dapper - all dual booters primarily running XP)...

Are you saying back up existing Linux and/or Mac before INSTALL, or UPGRADE? And if so are you saying back up the WHOLE DRIVE low level for dual booting system (IE both NTFS and Reiser/whatever FS on the drive)?

I ask because I believe you are a Mac user primarily though (obviously) Linux also and no doubt XP aware (M$ being ubiquitous and unavoidable these days, even to a Mainframe guy :p)

So yeah - when you say backup, what EXACTLY did you mean? Reps for teh answer, thanks man.
What they said. And as for LINSPIRE, don't bother. It's the distro that came with the dirt cheap Linux machines Walmart was selling. Designed to give Windows "look and feel" without a liscence fee.

They were originally called Lindows until M$ sued them into submission.

Actually for the backup comment. If that sounds like a lot of work and there is no data on that second HD...
You could just unplug the Windows HD to get started and mess with Linux. Then set up for dual boot latter.


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I personally don't like Ubuntu, but it definitely seems to be the "noob friendliest", which is inherently why I don't like it. I see it as more of a stepping stone until you know what you're doing and use a real distro :p


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I meant backup import work/data files etc that you need to DVD-R or an external or something (2 backups of important files can help if they are important). I've actually used Windows since I was 12 (I'm 19 now) but only been using Macs for about 3 years, OSX started to do my headin so I slapped Ubuntu on my MiniMac :D.

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