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Converting Powerpoint Presentation to movie, then posting movie on website?


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Hey guys,

I designed and maintained the website for my fire company, http://www.tacomafire.org. My chief made a power point presentation (complete w/ music, that the music runs from a separate CD...) that has all of the highlights throughout the year for our members.

1) Is there a way I can convert this PPT into some movie?
2) Is there a way I can have this movie on the website, embedded, so people will see a box and they will click play to view it?



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Thanks guys. I'm running into a new problem attempting to work on this project. The presentation was previously created by using audio from a CD, and playing the tracks in order. Since I'm trying to make this all one entity, presentation + music that people will be able to see on the website, I've since ripped the audio into MP3's from the CD and stored them in the folder with the presentation.

I'm having one hell of a time being able to play the files when they should. I've attempted to mess with the timing, and the delay. I either run into problems where the slide won't progress (Even though the audio is set to play across slides), and the slide will stick to slide #1...

Is there a way where I can tell powerpoint that I have these 5 mp3 audio files, and I want to be able to start with track #1, and play the 2nd track after the first all while going through the slides? Also, how will this work with making it into a FLV that I can place on the website?

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