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converting decimal values to binary coded decimal?


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i have to convert decimal values to binary coded decimal

for instance if i have the number 32 converting that to binary would be 00110010

but whats the outcome if i convert 32 to "binary coded decimal"


32 in binary is 00100000.

to convert decimal to binary
each byte has 8 bits.
from right to left the bits are 1,2,4,8,16,32,64,128

so 32 (00100000) is made up of
no 128s
no 64s
1 32
no 16s
no 8s
no 4s
no 2
and no 1s

and number like 169 in binary would be
1 128 (1)
no 64 (0)
1 32 (1)
no 16 (0)
1 8 (1)
no 4 (0)
no 2 (0)
1 1 (1)

so reading from the top gives you 10101001 (or 128+32+8+1)

hope that helps
Oops sorry...i was a lil confused and thought you wanted BCD...that's what I get for not reading posts. :) Binary just follows the same 1-2-4-8-16-32-etc. progression, though, it's just that the sky is the limit on how many digits you can have.


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many thanx. now i wont fail my assignment..

theres so many binary bcd hexadecimal etc... i got way confused.

thanx agen


Conversion of base 10 to other bases.

Repeatedly divide the base 10 number by the base. Keep track of the remainders and read the remainders top to bottom.

abcd(base 10) = _________(base n)


abcd(base 10) = r4 r3 r2 r1 (base n)

1310 = _________(base 2)


1310 = 1101(base 2)
hope this helps :D

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