Convert Coax (from wall jack) to HDMI or Component


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Hey guys,
I was wondering if there is a box to convert Coax from the wall to Component or HDMI. My friend has a JVC TV that doesn't support HD through the coax input (but it has and HDMI input and Components). The cable coming into the home does have HD channels that just run through the Coax, its not digital cable however and thus he doesn't have a digital cable box from the provider. Also, his Coax plug is kind of not connected very strongly.
I was wondering if there is a box that converts the standard Coax input to either component or HDMI before it hits the TV.
If anyone has any ideas it would be appreciated.


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I don't believe there is. Coax is analog and HDMI is digital.So even if you could, the quality would be horrible.
Coax can carry either digital or analogue :)

Basically your friend will need an up-sampling home cinema AV receiver with support for coax input which it will then up-sample to component or HDMI output.


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Do you know where one of those can be found?
He doesn't really care about making the regular channels quality better but through the cable provider there are a few included HD channels and for some reason his JVC LT-37X776 won't pick up on the HD channels on its own.
It has two Coax-in ports also, one for regular and one marked ATSC/Digital In and the HD Channels are available through neither input (the ATSC/Digital port doesn't carry any channels).
If he wants their HD content he'll need to ask them for a cable decoder box capable of HD playback.

AV receivers can usually be picked up from your nearest hi-fi/home cinema retailer.


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Hey guys,
The cable coming into the home does have HD channels that just run through the Coax, its not digital cable however and thus he doesn't have a digital cable box from the provider.

This doesn't quite make sense to me. AFAIK, ALL cable providers transmit HD via digital transmission now. I'm not completely sure about satellite.


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Before you can help your buddy he has to find out how the HD signal is encypted. Only his cable company lnows that. All HD is digital. It takes too much bandwidth to send analog. Options are:
-Cable company proprietary encryption (most likely) - he will need a cable box to extract it. Possibly additional charges involved.
-ATSC (over the air standard) that has just been frequency shifted to channels outside the normal range - any "cable ready" digital TV should decode it. Cable ready just means the TV can see more channels than the ATSC over the air channels. Not sure how that works in the mixed analod/digital world anymore, it probably does not which means - get a cable box to shift it back into a usable range of Digital TV channels.
-A standard ATSC decoder box will likely not be able to see the channels the cable company uses for the HD content.


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Well, I thought everything was sent via digital as well, but it is in SC so... :D
But no, if I plug my Samsung PN42B450 into the jack I can pick up all the non-HD channels as well as the free HD Channels offered (ESPN, ESPN U, Food, Outdoors, NBC, FOX, CBS, ABC, CSpan) there may be others but I forget. They are free included in the service and I get them on my tv without using a box. For some reason his tv can't seem to pick up on the HD Channels (it also doesn't have a dash or period button on the remote which could mean that the like I was suspecting the TV doesn't have a built in HD tuner or something). The cable provider is: Northland Communications - Television, Internet and Phone - Seneca, SC and apparently you can't see any non-digital services they offer but I can tell you that there is no box needed to play the signal.

I was wondering if this would be an option? - KWorld External ATSC/QAM TVBox DVI Edition SA290-Q DVI DVI Interface


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